There are some geniuses in the box

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English players, please excuse me if there are some mistakes. Thank you to Janice (my english teacher), to push me doing this exercice :)

In our playful world, we often let our imagination goes in different ways. Sometimes, we imagine ourselves saving Earth against horrible aliens with a metal box robot. Sometimes, we dream about pushing thousands of wood cubes resources. Other time, we just want to stay alive in space with our team.

But all of that is thankfully possible to a mysterious entity, that maybe you have never imagined about it...

There are some geniuses in the box

Playful geniuses are secret, hidden. But, without them, our playful world should be very sad. They are the ones that allow us to discover some new games, to test new mechanisms and add some content in our passion.

There are no fifty ways to invoke a playful geniuses. No need to sacrifice a meeple on the top the pyramid of Camel Up. Neither doing a huge offering to a divinity with a lot of wooden cubes of different colors.

No, the best way to find a playful genius is to find THE special board game’s box. THE one that, maybe, you left on the top of your game’s library. Or the one you forgot, because there had so many new games during the last Essen event. So, you say to yourself that, one day, for sure, you will play it again. Maybe…who knows…

And, one day, you decide to open this game a new time. There is some dust on it, of course. You didn’t have played this game for a long time. You have a look on it, and remember , with some nostalgic thoughts, your last game. It was 3 months ago. A good play, for sure. You reach out with one hand and catch the game. You clean it with your sleeve to make him shining and “ppppccccchhhhiuout”

There are some geniuses in the box

Playful geniuses are very rare. You have to be patient to have a hope to meet one of them once. When a genius hardly accepts to go outside of his board game’s box, he will generally propose you 3 wishes. No less, no more.

Of course, each of them has to be playful wishes. In the other case, the genius will be very upset against you. On a sad memory, few years ago, someone asked to a playful genius to be rich, very rich. So the genius created the Monopoly, and completely flooded the entire planet with this game.

Yes, a playful genius can be vicious.

You have to do the right choice about your wishes, but you have to respect some rules

  • A genius can’t kill another player
  • A genius can’t help you to win a game in the past
  • A genius can’t make another player loving you, in order to let you win

Except all of that, everything is possible

There are some geniuses in the box
There are some geniuses in the box

Sometimes, a genius looks like a real human. It’s really discreet, but, with some leveling, you should be able to recognize one of them. Let’s try with an example: Bruno Cathala.

I understand your stupefaction in front of this revelation. But facts are indisputable! Just have a look of the bellow picture. Of course you saw it before, it's the elephant in the room, no?

Bruno is a genius, and a really prolific one ! You need some additional proofs? Easy. He created 3 good games on the last 3 months. 3 games, 3 wishes, evidence is here !

There are some geniuses in the box

Now, it’s your turn to be a little bit more attentive, and identify the special box where a genius could have hidden himself. It was a hard and difficult work, but, just for you, I found some of them. Have a look, and maybe, one day, it will be your day.

There are some geniuses in the box
There are some geniuses in the box
There are some geniuses in the box
There are some geniuses in the box
There are some geniuses in the box

If you are very very lucky, maybe you should meet one of them in a board game’s place. Not in my mind to give you some clues, but it seems that, the last time we met one genius, it was in a famous board game’s association in Lyon(France) …

What about you, have you ever met a playful genius ?

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